Im not MIA…I’m just on HATE overload

16 Nov

I logged onto my website today and realized I have not had a new post since SEPTEMBER….NO BUENO!!!!

Sorry folks…parks closed!! hahahaha

I have not been taken away to the land of sugar plums and gum drops, don’t u worry.

What I just realized is that the amount of shit that I HATE and PISSES  ME OFF  is at an all time high, and I have been having an issue zeroing in on something…UNTIL THIS MORNING…..


Now just to break this down…these are the people who as soon as something bad happens in the world around them they are all over it like flies on shit.

They make it their life’s duty (for that day, week, month) to save the world and promote their cause and care about which ever disaster and tell everyone how much they donate and check themselves in at various fundraisers.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not knocking do gooders…I’m knocking self back slapping, flip flopping, I’m doing this because it looks good dickweeds.

You can spot these people out cause the second something else happens, they forgot what they were “helping” with the day before.

Super Storm Sandy fucked up shit everywhere, and I loved seeing how many people were supporting and helping…until this Israel shit happened…YEAI SAID IT

Since then the flip floppers have forgotten Sandy and are now preaching about help Israel…and they aint even Jewish!

Tomorrow it will be something else I’m sure…or a celebrity will die and I will have to watch a montage of whoever’s filmography until this DICK is done with that situation…


Why do you feel the need to protest, protect, and or support the “IN” disaster?

If you such a good person how come you only poke ur head out when bad shit happens?

Why do you get off on terrible situations and take it as a chance to be Goldie Go Getter Do Gooder McAsshole???

JUST BE REAL…you don’t have to give a shit about everything… Just what REALLY matters to U!!!!


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