Abominable Snow Dick

22 Jan

Hey Nanook Of  The North…we live in NYC not Siberia!!!!

I understand its cold, but come on now people. Just cause its nipply out doesn’t mean u have to look like a furry asshole.

Really with the giant KGB furry hat?! This is not Russia and you are not an extra in Rocky IV…

You get on the train with ur HUGE scarf and assorted fur accessories and giant hat and thermal nuclear gloves and then you take 20 min getting it all off cause its 500 degrees on the train

THEN…instead of getting up 5 min early to put on your obnoxious display of cold weather gear, you do it while the train is pulling in, then I have to sit there and wait for you to reattached ur bear skin. NOT COOL

Let also discuss the fact that ur shedding everywhere. I need to lint brush my outerwear cause you are scared of the cold.

I mean I get it, its fucking cold out…but there is plenty of non aggressive stylish cold weather wear these days that cuts out the bulk….and there is NEVER a need to wear a fluffy cat around ur neck, OBNOXIOUS!!

I don’t even know why I bother complaining about this cause you are definitely the person who also uses a beach umbrella in the rain, ur simply obnoxious in all facets of life and I hope a bird takes a giant shit on ur fur muff…thank you, and fuck you!

And THIS abominable snow dick IS WHY I HATE U!!


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