Is Princess Kate bad for post preggers everywhere??? SHUT UP!!!!!

28 Aug

So I happen to catch an article that was posted with a post preggo pic of Princess Kate and the article was saying how this might be bad for women everywhere, giving them poor body image and leading to unhealthy eating habits in order to get as thin as they were right away…

You know what I have to say about that??




ONE, I love the fact that Princess Kate goes food shopping

TWO…homegirl was thin to begin with, always has been, pretty much gained a belly…why is it so shocking that she looks like she was never preggers a month after giving birth??

She clearly has a fast metabolism and is able to keep weight off with no problem…is this her fault?

So lets all say that she is setting a bad example for moms who have trouble losing the weight…SHUT UP…leave her and all the other genetically lucky people alone!!

What? She should eat donuts for the next 3 months to appear to have a weight struggle?

Everyone is different, if seeing a picture of her a month after giving birth gives a new mom in Nebraska poor self-esteem then she should go see a shrink!!!

Skinny discrimination continues…



2 Responses to “Is Princess Kate bad for post preggers everywhere??? SHUT UP!!!!!”

  1. anima69316 May 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    Where have you been don’t let get all “why you don’t worship the alter of left wing feminism” like that other poster did. You get married or have kids now or something?

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