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Is Princess Kate bad for post preggers everywhere??? SHUT UP!!!!!

28 Aug

So I happen to catch an article that was posted with a post preggo pic of Princess Kate and the article was saying how this might be bad for women everywhere, giving them poor body image and leading to unhealthy eating habits in order to get as thin as they were right away…

You know what I have to say about that??




ONE, I love the fact that Princess Kate goes food shopping

TWO…homegirl was thin to begin with, always has been, pretty much gained a belly…why is it so shocking that she looks like she was never preggers a month after giving birth??

She clearly has a fast metabolism and is able to keep weight off with no problem…is this her fault?

So lets all say that she is setting a bad example for moms who have trouble losing the weight…SHUT UP…leave her and all the other genetically lucky people alone!!

What? She should eat donuts for the next 3 months to appear to have a weight struggle?

Everyone is different, if seeing a picture of her a month after giving birth gives a new mom in Nebraska poor self-esteem then she should go see a shrink!!!

Skinny discrimination continues…



Been there BARBIE…Been there!

18 Apr


People I hate…today

16 Apr

This is going to be a simple list of people I think need to choke on elephant cock…

1. Festival going wanna be hippie douchebags – You missed the hippie movement by about 50 years, so take a break from updating ur status on ur iphone whilst swaying from side to side with a rose halo to realize ur a herb.

2.”I’m the voice of our generation listen to me” fuck wits – No one really cares what you have to say and in fact ur positivity makes most people sick to their stomach.

3. Asian women who talk loudly on the train in their native tongue. No explanation needed here.

4. The man who was scratching his scalp on the train across from me. His finger got stuck on something like 3 times. We all love picking gross things off our body…its human nature, but perhaps do it at home. Save that scalp scab for later. GROSS.

5. My boss for refusing to realize the world does not revolve around her, she isnt the President of These United States, nor is she famous…NO the doctor will not rearrange his ENTIRE schedule for u!!! Stop having me call them!!!!!

I think that’s it for now…But it is before noon, so one never knows…

Single…Fabulous…And Full Of Shit

30 Jan

I’m def gonna get ass raped on this one, but like always..I just can’t hold this shit in!!

I am currently NOT single. However, I have been single ALOT in my life, so don’t think this is coming from one of those “relationship” girls who always had a boyfriend and has no fucking clue what its like to be alone.

That being said…ALL THE SINGLE LADIES…cut the BULLSHIT!!

Pull up ur big girl pants, buy a box of chocolates and stop with the I HATE VALENTINES DAY nonsense.

It’s a fucking hallmark holiday..and its corny.

But ya know what…one sure sign of a single bitter woman is when she publicly announces numerous times before Feb 14th how much she hates Valentine’s Day.

How much it sucks and how much she loves being single and blah blah blah..

Ladies, if you love being single so much then why does a corny ass holiday full of hearts and flowers make you so angry???

Ur gonna let Cupid get the best of you? OH HELL NO!!!

Stop being the Anti Cupid…embrace it, make the best of it. Send your best friend candy, go out, get drunk and get laid!!!

I hate Valentines Day, it’s so dumb, OMG…corny, it sucks, die cupid die!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Just cause you don’t have a man in your life doesn’t mean u gotta stomp all over that cute little naked kid with the arrow!!!

Do you realize that no one believes ur a strong independent black woman when they hear you say shit like that?

You make urself look like a sorry individual.

Buck up buttercup…ur time will come, until then…even if you are bitter, don’t show it, it’s not a good look!!

Please send all hate mail regarding this post to

To my single friends, clearly this is not about you…as always txt me for who its aimed at!!! 😉

Im not MIA…I’m just on HATE overload

16 Nov

I logged onto my website today and realized I have not had a new post since SEPTEMBER….NO BUENO!!!!

Sorry folks…parks closed!! hahahaha

I have not been taken away to the land of sugar plums and gum drops, don’t u worry.

What I just realized is that the amount of shit that I HATE and PISSES  ME OFF  is at an all time high, and I have been having an issue zeroing in on something…UNTIL THIS MORNING…..


Now just to break this down…these are the people who as soon as something bad happens in the world around them they are all over it like flies on shit.

They make it their life’s duty (for that day, week, month) to save the world and promote their cause and care about which ever disaster and tell everyone how much they donate and check themselves in at various fundraisers.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not knocking do gooders…I’m knocking self back slapping, flip flopping, I’m doing this because it looks good dickweeds.

You can spot these people out cause the second something else happens, they forgot what they were “helping” with the day before.

Super Storm Sandy fucked up shit everywhere, and I loved seeing how many people were supporting and helping…until this Israel shit happened…YEAI SAID IT

Since then the flip floppers have forgotten Sandy and are now preaching about help Israel…and they aint even Jewish!

Tomorrow it will be something else I’m sure…or a celebrity will die and I will have to watch a montage of whoever’s filmography until this DICK is done with that situation…


Why do you feel the need to protest, protect, and or support the “IN” disaster?

If you such a good person how come you only poke ur head out when bad shit happens?

Why do you get off on terrible situations and take it as a chance to be Goldie Go Getter Do Gooder McAsshole???

JUST BE REAL…you don’t have to give a shit about everything… Just what REALLY matters to U!!!!

Always in our HEARTS…Forever on our MINDS

11 Sep

“Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail” – George W. Bush

If any pet was capable of being a cunt…its a cat.

9 Aug

I will first start off by saying I am totally against cruelty to animals…

BUT…If I ever felt the need to strike out on an animal…it would be the PUSSY of all PETS…the CAT

First off you are stuck up snotty little fuckers!!

A dog kisses you, a dog loves you, hell we even taught my dog to give hugs.

What can you teach a cat to do???

How about survive on its own for weeks without you…NOT NORMAL…and fucking creepy. I do not want a pet that’s more capable of taking care of itself than I am.

I mean you don’t need to take a cat for a walk, its gonna shit in a  box when it wants to…which is part of the reason I hate them – I don’t want an animal pooping and peeing indoors ever…

ALSO…2 words HAIR BALLS...GROSS and enough said on that..

One of the other main reasons I wanna lock every cat I see in a room until it eats itself is because I am fairly certain that all cats are evil.

With their piercing eyes and flexible spines…they lurk around, slowly and silently waiting to steal ur babies soul while they sleep….. TRUE STORY…my grandma told me!! 😉

They climb on shit…rub up against ur leg….. and then when you FINALLY go to pet them…. they tense up like ur their creepy molester uncle…what kinda fun is that?

SO…please kitty cats stay away from me…or I will be forced to try to insert you into an ATM like Patrick Bateman…thank you